Saturday, October 16, 2010


The main idea of this site was to have a site on the web for the tracklist of Queer as Folk, 'coz if you got here I bet you have been searching for a song that you watched and loved in the show but my bet is that it wasn't on the official cd's and in the worst case scenario you already bought a cd thinking it had it. So, don't ask me why or when but for some random thing called destiny I found a site ( thank you princess of babylon) that had a very impressive list containing a lot of that info we were searching, so, i decided to do a copy of that information so that it isn't as hard as it is right now to find it (My bet is 2 sites are better than 1). With no more explanation I leave you to find what you are looking for, a tip, it will probabbly be on the tab for the corresponding season where you saw and listened the song.

I almost forgot it, everything must have a beggining, so here is the perfect one, enjoy it.

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