Season 1

Just as it was premiered in 2000, here is the promotional for the first season of the show that changed my life, the life of many, many people and the way the things are seeing. Because it always get's better. This is my contribution to that promise.

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Episode 101

Song Artist Scene
Spunk Greek Buck Opening credits
Can You Feel It The Tamperer Intro nite club
Let's Hear It for The Boy Katty B. 80's Night in club
Synasthesia Junkie XL Time to find Brian
Deeper Love Ruff Driverz Justin on Liberty Ave.
Sandstorm Darude Brian exits club, spots Justin
You Think You're A Man Full Frontal Brian and Justin in apartment
Proud Heather Small Michael & Brian on roof ledge
X-Hale Slowly Bootsy McQueen Guys leaving hospital
So Good The Aloof Brian & Justin in bedroom
Heavy Scene Meg Lee Chin Michael driving Jeep
More Effeminate Than You Robin Black Brian and Michael in Jeep
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris featuring Pepper Meshay End Credits

Episode 102

Song Artist Scene
Freefall (Nettwerk Records) Tom Third Justin in the locker room
Wanna Mmm The Lawyer Brian and client in bathroom
Turn It Round Courtesy of MasterSource Working out
Louisiette Prairie Oyster Michael enters sports bar
Liar Song Michael Chase Michael talks football
Think Karaoke Emmett sings
Mambo Lupita Peer Music Brian tells Swayze story
Dancin' (Like It's the Last Day of My Life) Mike Drury Michael and Justin
Minimal Peach Greek Buck Michael in old room
Sleep Dandy Warhols Brian and Justin by car
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris featuring Pepper Meshay End Credits

Episode 103

Song Artist Scene
Ishai's Freylekh The Flying Bukgar Klezmer Band The Briss
Walking In Wonderland Courtesy of MasterSource At the gym
Up Yours Jeff Peacock At the diner
Showtime Trigbag Brian sees Mr. E
Superstar Novy vs. Eniac Brian sees Mr. E again
Banana Pod Brian loses Mr. E / Tracy spots Michael
Go 48 (Bass Mix) DJ Matt C Vic lends Justin his card
Take Me, Love Me (Squeeze Me Baby) Friburn & Urik Justin & Daphne enter club
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris Brian & Michael together
Bingo Bango Basement Jaxx Ted in Babylon
Here's A Little Something Joe Quaranto Emmett finds Katsuo
The Only Way Is Up The Kinky Boyz Emmett, Brian & Michael in club
The Music (Razor n Guido Club Mix) Orang'e Brian steps into crowd
Let's Hear It For The Boy Katty B. Justin enters the dance floor
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris featuring Pepper Meshay End Credits

Episode 104

Song Artist Scene
Digga Digga Daa Erotimania Boys at Liberty Diner
Absurd Fluke Justin & Christian Cleaning Up
Weightless See Spot Run Justin & Daphne in Justin's Room
Just Feel Free DuMonde Justin w/ Mom in car
I Need Somebody Iggy Pop Brian at Babylon
Lovin' You Kristine W. Michael sees pics at Ted's
Blue Green Velvet Michael & Emmett at Woodys
Straight To Number One Touch 'N Go Brian & Justin in Michael's Room
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris feat. Pepper Meshay Michael & Brian Dancing / End Credits

Episode 105

Song Artist Scene
Up Jumped The Boogie See To Sky Chattin' at Liberty Diner
Deeper Speedbump Justin's Mom at Woody's
Minimal Peach Greek Buck Jennifer sees Debbie at Diner
Eirchelruck Da Hool Brian and Client at Babylon
Billy Club Junkie XL Justin's Art Show
Everybody Pass Me By Pepe Deluxe Michael getting ready for date
Continental Impressions Roger Webb Dinner with David and Michael
Sunshine Trigbag Michael Hot & Bothered at Club
Sexy Boy Kinky Boyz feat. Kia Michael & Stranger/ Brian & Baby
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris featuring Pepper Meshay End Credits

Episode 106

Song Artist Scene
Life Is Like A Circle Derrick Carter Ted & Emmett at Torso
The Struggle For Survival DJ Matt C Boys talking at Gym
You Judy Albanese Brian & Dr. Dave at Woodys
Do You Love Me Speedbump Brian & Dr. Dave at Woodys
Sesto's Aria Dagmar Peckova Ted & Roger listen to music
Sesto's Aria Dagmar Peckova Ted & Roger Making out
Sesto's Aria Dagmar Peckova Ted alone in bed
I Love Soundblast Debbie & Jennifer at Woody's
Summerfire B*U Babylon
Dancing Queen Abbacadabra Brian/Michael dance at Babylon
Give Me Tonight Shannon Michael messed up at Babylon
Ladybird Baby Fox Brian stares at Justins Sketch
Dive In The Pool Barry Harris featuring Pepper Meshay End Credits

Episode 107

Song Artist Scene
Punk Police H-Block Justin & Daphne in Tattoo/Piercing Parlor
Class War Jersey Justin gets Pierced
Gemini Steve Yanko David & Michael in Liberty Diner
I Rock Novy Michael gets relationship warning at Woody's
Little Soul H2so4 Craig in Justin's Room/ Brian & Justin in bedroom
Party People Alex Gopher Studs in Suds
Lost Dawg Mick Maher Brian In Jeep
Sexy Bettina Michael & David see Brian Dancing
Summerfire B*U Babylon
Dancing Queen Abbacadabra Brian and Michael dance at Babylon
Start Rockin AntiLoop David dancing with Brian
Liquid Space Luna Chique David tells Brian to let Michael Go / End Credits

Episode 108

Song Artist Scene
Anything Chin Liberty Diner - Debbie collapses
Don't Tell Me Madonna Brian's Loft - Justin stays over
For One More Day Tyler Yarema Debbie's House - Debbie & Vic
Turn It Round Marc Ferrari Michael/Emmett/Ted talking at Gym
Hustle Espanol Full Intention Woody's - Brian meets "Hotlanta"
Teardrops Carey Bell Brian's Loft - Justin watches Brian & "Hotlanta"
Certainly Luigi Sabatini Celebrating Michael's Promotion at Diner
Just The Beat Master Source Continued celebrating at Diner
Superhero Sky Justin and Brian leave Justin's home
He's All I Want Angel Moon Brian's Apt. - Brian and Justin at dinner / End credits

Episode 109

Song Artist Scene
Good Love Patria Woody's - Boys around Pool Table
Kissy Kissy Azure Loft - Justin doing Homework
Heaven 99 A Digital Blonde Babylon - You Made Me Spill My Beer
Down & Dirty Shannon McNally Lindsay & Melanie In Bed
Lonesome & Hurting Vern Checchoo Legion Hall - Bar w/ Brian's Dad
Bad Case Of Loving You Robert Palmer Dr. Dave asks Michael to Move In

Episode 110

Song Artist Scene
Crying at the Discotheque Alcazar Woody's - Mysterious Marilyn
Women In Blue Pepe Deluxe Liberty Diner - Boys at Diner
Boy From NYC Guys Singing Guys Singing In Jeep
Boy From NYC The Ad Libs Shots of NYC / Boys in NYC
Filthy Mind (Mount Rushmore Mix) Amanda Ghost NYC Hotel - Brian and Justin
Suffering Jay-Jay Johanson Dr. Dave's Fantasy

Episode 111

Song Artist Scene
Boys Keep Swinging David Bowie Boys Walk Down Street
A Day In Copacabana Crico Castelli Ted/Melanie in Sex Shop
Sweet Thing Flex The Birthday Party
Back 'N Forth Supa Kings The Birthday Party
I Like Stonebridge The Birthday Party
King Of My Castle Wamdue Project The Birthday Party
Jump for Joi Joi Cardwell The Birthday Party
Silence Luna Chique The Birthday Party
Disco At The End of the World Fantastic Plastic Machine The Birthday Party
Boys Keep Swinging David Bowie Brian alone / End Credits

Episode 112

Song Artist Scene
Funky Dancer Velvet Woody's - Brian & Ted
Disconnected Child Tin Star Michael & Dave in Bedroom / Brian in Alley
Egyptian Magician Armand Van Helden Ted picks up "2nds"/ Matt approaches Emmett
Feel Like Singing Sandy B Diner - Justin tries to play middle man
Mambo Jambo Mambo Ice Cream Kisses / Justin is on to Brian
Samba House Of Gypsies Babylon - Transitions

Episode 113

Song Artist Scene
Careful Wild Strawberries Lesbian Baby Party
Funky Noise Quincy Freak Babylon-Emmett makes panic phone call
Watch Them Come Roy Davis Jr. Matt & Emmett at coffee shop
Vibe The Step Kings Brian & Kip in his office
Beautiful Way Beck Lesbian Bar-Melanie smokes with Marianne
La Guitaristic House Organisation Rinocerose Brian & Kip at his Loft
Track 10 Greek Buck Melanie & Marianne in bedroom
Keep Reaching Halo Babylon - Boy's talk Manrammer
Vibe The Step Kings Brian's being sued for sexual harassment / End Credits

Episode 114

Song Artist Scene
Do The Hustle Van McCoy Vic & Deb Doing The Hustle
Just Because You Love Me Brian & Michael Brian & Mikey Remember
Viva L'Amour Tess Boys at Woody's
Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack Emmett/Heather visualizing
Future Halo Varga Justin hits on Kip in Alley
Future Halo Varga Justin blackmails Kip
A Fifth Of Beethoven Walter Murphy Michael/Dr. David "dance"
Do Ya Feel The Love Love Inc. Babylon - Ted & Mel discuss Emmett
Shake Me Mint Royale Babylon - guys dancing / End Credits

Episode 115

Song Artist Scene
Radiocapte Rinocerose Liberty Diner - Guys Hanging Out
U-Turn me Byron Stingly The Leather Ball
Cultural Year Zero Recon Leather Demonstration
Who Am I Massiv Dale Invites Ted to his place
Who Am I Massiv Having fun in the Back room
I Need Feel H2so4 Ted Opens the Door
Green Tomatoes 45 Dip Liberty Diner - Ted questions diet
Kitten Moon Fluke Ted arrives at Dale's for fun
How soon is now The Smiths Brian Pick's up Picture of his Dad / End Credits

Episode 116

Song Artist Scene
Theme From A Man and A Woman Francis Lai Dr Dave pays and pays again
Devil's Brew Mo Koffman Dr Dave & Michael argue - In Restaurant
These Boots Are Made For Walking Geri Halliwell Babylon - Dyke Nite
C'est Ma Chanson D'Amour Terry Day Mel meets Guillaume - Fantasy
Treasure Rainbow Club Liberty Diner - Michael's no boytoy
Allo Depanneur Jean-Michel Bernard/Alain Goldstein Lindsay's House - she's getting married
By Your Side Malina The Gang's at Woody's
Straight To Number 1 Touch 'N Go Michael & Dr Dave having fun
I Parade Myself Gang of Four Liberty Ave. - Justin makes enemies / End Credits

Episode 117

Song Artist Scene
Lizzie's Balloon 45 Dip Melanie and Lindsay talk on couch
Trip Chick Mtrax Brian, Ted & Emmett at Liberty Diner
Max's Mambo Phil Dwire Party at David's House
Red Scarf Jean Paul Party at David's House
Feel Cool Top Cat Party-Justin puts on new music
I Say a Little Prayer Melanie Melanie Sings to Gus
Party People Alex Gopher Party Scene -Everyone is dancing
Touch Me Rui DeSilva Party Scene -Michael Talks to David
Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma Luigi Sabatini Deb's House -Everyone eating
Ciao For Now Luigi Sabatini Deb's House -Michael addresses the group
Rendez-Vous Basement Jaxx Brian and Justin Outside / End Credits

Episode 118

Song Artist Scene
I Wanna Be A Cowboy Boys Don't Cry Boys at Babylon
The Worst Thing For Me Pusaka Prowlers In Towels
Keep Rushin' Mindtrap feat. Louise Clark Babylon Bathroom - Ted finds Blake
Horny Mousse T vs Hot N Juicy Bath House
Ah Forse Lui from La Traviatta Ted's Apt
Ah Forse Lui from La Traviatta Ted Can't Find Wallet
Forever Young Temperance Babylon - Justin & Brian
Kind Of Magic Queen Justin Draws / End Credits

Episode 119

Song Artist Scene
The Mission DJ Tomcraft Brian gets phone call in bed
Mass Romantic The New Pornographers Pool- Daphne Intro's Glen
Spin Spin Sugar Sneaker Pimps Interior Babylon
Auntie Tom's Fuzz Townsend Woody's -Justin gets advice on girls
Only When I'm Late T.O.S. Woody's -Justin gets advice on girls
Giusto ciel!In tal periglio RCA Italiana Orchestra and Chorus The Funeral -Brian Smokes
Wonderful Love Creeper Lagoon Daphne and Justin in his bedroom
My Love (Luvspunge HHL Remix) Kellee Emmett warns Blake to stay away
Hey Sister Fuzz Townsend Liberty Diner -Daphne's Flirting with Justin
Let Forever Be Chemical Brothers Brian and Michael Bowl
Resign Darren Glover Interior CD store
Damml Tu Forza, O Clelo Artist Unknown from La Traviata Ted rescues Blake
The Shining Badly Drawn Boy Brian Bowls

Episode 120

Song Artist Scene
Big Thick Muscle 12" Boys King of Babylon Photo Shoot
Now That I Have Found You 2 Elements Boys at Liberty Diner
Boy Book Of Love Babylon - Ted/Blake Alone
Got To Have DJ Prince & Justin K Babylon - Fireman Dancing/Brian's a Jerk
Sunday In The Park from Sopersound Library Men's Bathroom in Mall with Vic
Are You Satisfied Victor Calderone Babylon - Emmett walks alone/Cop dancer
Pas de Deux from "West Side Story" Babylon - Emmett Spots Brent
Get Wicked Those 2 Babylon - Brian signs up/Sheba talks to Justin
Love's Theme: Romeo & Juliet written by Tchaikovsky Babylon - Emmett & Brent - 2 halves of same soul
What a Way To Run A Railroad Huevos Rancheros Babylon - Fun in Bathroom
Heaven Scent (John Johnson Mix) Bedrock Babylon - Brent's welcome, Blake's not
The Power Rosabel Babylon - Ted wants to be with Blake
Jumpin' and Pumpin' Kim English Babylon - Leather Dancer/Bathroom
Les Mirlitons from "The Nutcracker Suite" by Tchaikovsky Babylon - Emmett & Brent and dreams
Song 2 (techno mix) Blur Babylon - Dr. Dave on stage
Melancholy Rose Operatica "O" Babylon - Dr. Dave surrounded/Justinplans
Pezzo In Forma di Sonatina from "Serenade for Strings" by Tchaikovsky; performed by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Babylon - Emmett & Brent break up
High School Confidential Carole Pope Babylon - Justin Struts his Stuff
Hall of Heroes Megatrax Library Babylon - Justin crowned king
Queers R Doin' It Dillon & Dickins Babylon -Justin steals Brian's "prize"
You Look So Fine Garbage Babylon - Brian sees Justin in backroom
Why Can't We See Plasmic Honey Babylon - Deb/Mel arrive - Blake gets $$
So Hot Touch 'N Go David's Bedroom - Michael requests dance
Violin, Full Orchestra Speak Epicenter Music Library Liberty Diner - Emmett & Brent's final meeting
Big Thick Muscle 12" Boys Sting on Poster / End Credits

Episode 121

Song Artist Scene
Deck-A-Dent from "Extreme Music" Atlas Awards - Brian gets trophy
New York City The Demics Atlas Awards - Brian and Adam on Balcony
Stay Adtrax Atlas Awards - Bg. music
I'm Just A Lucky So and So Diana Krall Store - Ted & Blake try clothes on
Mosh Fluke David & Michael Phone Call
Saturn Tarantella Boys at Woody's
Score from "Washed Up" Frank Di Carlo Brian and Michael in old Movie House
The Conversation Tom Third Piano Bar - Adam calls - Brian doesn't get job
La Fleur Que Tu M'Avais (from Carmen) Bizet Blake comes onto Ted
The Music Goes 'Round and Around Louis Prima Restaurant Phone Call
Go To The Water Jamie Oakes Tail Credits

Episode 122

Song Artist Scene
Oooh Baby (F**k Me, Baby) Veda Simpson Countdown to 30
Deep Grief from The Music People library Happy 30th
Lonesome Kitty Blues Laura Rosch Lindsay & Brian shopping
C'est Une Chanson D'Amour written by Offenbach from "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" Blake comes home tweaked
Come Into Me Sal Dano Boys at Babylon
Spreading The Light The Colein Boys at Babylon
Blisters from de wolfe music library Flannel Party
Happy Feet (High Heels Mix by BLAM, remixed by PAUL MAC) Jack Hylton & His Orchestra Brian's private party
Watching The Apples Grow Stan Rogers Flannel Party
North To Alaska Johnny Horton Flannel Party
Buffalo Gals from Morning Music Library Flannel Party
Faded soulDecision The Prom
Bingo Bango (Latin Mix) Basement Jaxx The Prom
Save The Last Dance For Me Ben E. King & The Drifters Brian and Justin Dance
Parce Mihi Domine Jan Garbarek with The Hilliard Ensemble, "Officium" Hospital / End Credits


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