Season 3

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This season is not complete if you know a scene's missing song please contact me and I'll update it. I and the fans of queer as folk, will thank you.

Episode 301

Song Artist Scene
Show Me (Michael T. Diamond Mix) Suzanne Palmer Back to Babylon

Ethan Serenades Justin goodmorning
Maybe We Should Just Go Home The Joel Plaskett Emergency Comic book store/Michael sell's off last of Rage
Anon Capitol K Justin in loft packing and remembers living w/Brian.

The Magic Touch The Platters Ted prepares the "toys" for Emmett
Loves On Fire Dj Tiesto - featuring Suzanne Palmer Babylon/Brian and Michael dance

Woody's/Brian and the 2 Bears

Party/The big hit
The Nothing Song ~ AKA ~ njosnavelin Sigur Ros Brian & Hustler/Closing Credits

Episode 302

Song Artist Scene

Opening scene/Brian fucking trick, imagines it's Justin
Etude No. 3 "La Campanella" Paganini Ethan plays on the street
Right before my Eyes The Snitches Brian on computer

Night out at Babylon

Clothing store/Brian gives Emmett the "Grandfather" clause

Comic book store/Invite to the underwear party

Brian kidnaps Mikey
Let's Get Intimate (Jamie's Carnival Mix Body 2 Body Underwear party

Gym/Ted finds out about Dejon
Woman (early remix) Mia Babylon-Brian dances alone/End Credits

Episode 303

Song Artist Scene
Mother Are You Ready To Play M Factor (Dirty Vegas Vocal Mix) Brian at Babyon
Infra Riot The Soundtrack of our Lives Brian buys Corvette
A Miracle The Hidden Cameras Justin & Ethan in Apt.
Newton's Apple Danny Michel Justin & Ethan in Apt.
Here Comes The Morning Barbara Walker Mel, Lindsay & Brian at Bar
Brother Down Sam Roberts Brian & Michael get high

Ben worksout

Ethan's friends party
Watching You (Non Vocal Club Mix) DJ Darkzone Into to Carnival

Butt hole Bingo

Justin leaves party

Carnival/Ted,Emmett & Michael play/Ben shows up.
Havin A Good Time (Sound DeZign Kickn' Ass Mix) Souvernance Justin shows up at Canival
Infra Riot The Soundtrack of our Lives Brian takes trick for a ride/End Credits

Episode 304

Song Artist Scene

Mr. Sperm Donor Pagent

Comic book store
Requiem Luciano Pavarotti Ted & Emmett have dinner at home
Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) The Four Tops Watching the movers

Brian in elevator w/Mover
Native Love (Step By Step, Original) Divine Emmett Cooking
Safe From Harm (Peter Rauhofer Mix) Narcotic Thrust feat. Yvonne John Lewis Brian and Ted talking at Babylon

Woody's/Ted & Emmett decide to find a place together

Ben starts taking Steroids
The Sound Of Violence (Dancefloor Killa Mix) Cassius Final Scene

Episode 305

Song Artist Scene
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Dwight Yoakum Michael, Lindsay and Mel waiting at clinic
Scherzo-Tarantelle Op. 16 Henryk Wieniawski Ethan plays at Heifetz Competiton
Voice 4 Umek Brian fucking in the bathroom
Come On To My House Rosemary Clooney Jen shows Ted & Emmett houses
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Dwight Yoakum Michael runs to Mel & Lindsay's house

Ethan plays in park
Barbie Girl Aqua Babylon (Emmett and Ted discuss houses, etc.)

Gang at Woody's
Headstrong (Relentless Vocal Mix) Tilt-Featuring Maria Naylor End Credits

Episode 306

Song Artist Scene

Michael spies on Ben

Outside Babylon

Brian makes the new Commercial of Stockwell
Stars and Sons Broken Social Scene Brian and Michael in loft

Teddy’s “wack shack” gets ready for inspection
Piano Concerto No.5 Beethoven Justin sees Ethan’s true colors
Sola Sistim Underworld Woody's/Brian & Justin/End Credits

Episode 307

Song Artist Scene

Rackett Ball Game
From The Inside (Junior Vasquesz Mix) Gioia Bruno Babylon Backroom/Brian and Jusitn/End Credits

Episode 308

Song Artist Scene
Loretta Young Silks Sneaker Pimps Justin @ Daphne's/Missing Brian

Working out at the gym/Ben & Michael
Mr. Lonely Deborah Cox Babylon/Justin's looking for Brian
Never (Tiesto Mix) Roc Project Featuring Tina Arena Babylon/Brian & Justin at bar (Justin: "Oh, I love this song.")

Ted on his back at home

Art Gallery Party

Lover's Spit Broken Social Scene Brian & Justin makeup/End Credits

Episode 309

Song Artist Scene
Viva Columbia (Cha Cha) Namtrak vs. Chris Zippel Opening Scene at Babylon
Fly Again Kristine W. Brian and Justin head for the Backroom
It Just Won't Do Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik Woody's/Jacob-Stripper
Disco Inferno The Trammps Woody's/Matthew-Stripper
For the Music (Guido Osorio Mix) Colourful Karma Woody's/Brian playing darts
Weapon Matthew Good Band Brian and Justin in bed
Rough Boys Pete Townsend Brian with trick/End Credits

Episode 310

Song Artist Scene
Some Lovin (Peter Rauhofer) Kristine W VS Murk Brian & Justin Dancing @ Babylon
Mandolin Concerto in C Major Antonio Vivaldi Ted driving to "Paradise"
Mellow Tricky Ted in motel, getting high
Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tangalia Mix) Yoko Ono Babylon/Backroom closed
Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tangalia Mix) Yoko Ono Brian helps Justin/End credits

Episode 311

Song Artist Scene

Ted, Em & Vic at home/Ted wants to go out
Love's Gonna Save The Day Georgie Porgie Woody's
Bangin’ On Johnny Marr & the Healers Brian and Justin at the loft, talk about the new Stockwell poster
Ready To Go Republica Brian and Justin having sex at the loft
The One You Wanted Howie Beck Brian and Debbie getting high
At The End (Scumfrog Remix) Iio Babylon/Emmett and Michael look for Ted
Battleflag Lofidelity All Stars Babylon/Brian takes back the backroom/End Credits

Episode 312

Song Artist Scene
Baby's Got A Temper (Main Mix) Prodigy Babylon/Backroom closed again
Queen of the Night Aria Mozart Emmett cleaning windows
I'm Afraid of Britney Spears Live On Release Comic book store/Brian meets Hunter

Woody’s/Mikey, Emmett and then Ted talk
Santa Maria(Del Buen Ayre) Gotan Project Brian’s loft/”Party”

Hunter on the street
SmallTown Boy/Run Away Bronski Beat's Bar/Brian talks to cop
Queen of the Night Aria Mozart Ted and Emmett drinking wine
Future Proof Massive Attack Bar/Brian & Justin/ Michael & Ben worry/Hunter picks up Cop/End Credits

Episode 313

Song Artist Scene

Diner/Brian, Horavath & Deb talk

Bar/Brian & Cop

Restaurant/Emmett & Tweeked out Teddy
Touched Vast Ted's “Party”
Hungry (DJ Tiesto Mix) Kosheen Woody’s/Brian & Justin/End Credits

Episode 314

Song Artist Scene
Feeling Good Muse Opening scene/Cops on Liberty Ave.

Woody’s/Before Brian’s Ad against Stockwell
Sweet Sweet 69 The Comas Mel and Linds having sex
Tight (Thick Dick Vocal Mix) INXS Babylon/Brian and Emmett dancing
Marine Machines Amon Tobin Ted wakes up to see a porn of himself
Where Do I Begin Chemical Brothers w/Beth Orton Ted checks into rehab
True Faith (Pet Shop Boys Remix) New Order Celebration/End Credits


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