Season 5

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This season is not complete if you know a scene's missing song please contact me and I'll update it. I and the fans of queer as folk, will thank you.

Episode 501

Song Artist Scene
Cue the Pulse to Begin The Burnside Project Opening Song
Devil Inside (Richard Vission Experience Mix) Utada Babylon - Brian and Mikey
Bucci Bag - More Lemonade (Scissor Sisters Sticky Tits Mix) Andrea Doria Pool Party - Justin

Baby Babylon - Apartment Next To Ben & Michael
Anyway(Hex Hector Club Mix) Sherrie Lean Gym - Teddy's Getting Chubby

Movie Studio - Justin, Conner and Brett

Baby Babylon - Apartment Next To Ben & Michael
Jin Go La Ba Fatboy Slim Babylon Backroom - Police Shut It Down
Studio Sound Effects
Rage Comic Backgroud Music
Sunrise (Peter Presta - Apple Jaxx Mix) Duran Duran End Credits

Episode 502

Song Artist Scene
Samba Del Costa Max Walder Babylon and New House - So Much To Do
Hardcore Mutha Fucka DV Roxx Babylon Re-Opens
The Skins Scissor Sister LA Club - Justin and Conner

Salon - Ted
Bridal Chorus Wagner Wedding March - Emmett Saves The Day
Dive (Chris Cox Club Anthem) Debby Holiday Poppers Dance Club
The Sound Voxlab Loft - Justin Comes Home / Brian Fucking
Look Who's Crying Now Jacynthe Diner - Justin's Back From LA
Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous Rupaul Ted Looking In The Mirror
Here comes Another One Groove Terminator Loft - Justin & Brian Reunite / Fucking
Fever Superpitcher End Credits

Episode 503

Song Artist Scene
Don't Get Your Hopes Up The Elected Babylon - Art Preformance
Insanity DJ Will Beats Babylon - Buy Ya A Drink (Justin, Brian and Ted)

Painting New House - Justin, Ben and Michael
Fed Up Kayle Dinner - Ted & Em / Justin & Deb
Valentine The Sun Loft - What Would Brian Do w/Out His SunShine

Babylon - Line Outside
Got The Feel Enzo Mori & Stephen Clark Babylon - Payoff
Halfway There The Special Guests Diner - Loretta In Training
Acid Fixx Paranoid Jack Gym - Emmett... Not Queer Enough?
Stand Up (Audiowhores Edit Mix) Loleatta Holloway Woody's - Mike, Ben and Brian
Make You Love Me(Taras Pumpin' Club Mix) Fierce & Coppola Diner - Deb's Going Away Party

Babylon - Still Here, Still Queer!
Attention (Jan Driver Remix) Commander Tom Babylon - Brian & Justin Celebrate
Attention (Jan Driver Remix) Commander Tom End Credits

Episode 504

Song Artist Scene
Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson Loft - Orgy

New House - Michael & Ben
Can't Stop Laughing Hipjoint featuring Tania Hancheroff Diner - Ted & Em
Birdsong The Golden Dogs Diner - Ted & Em & Deb
Save The World The Burdocks Comic Book store

Dinner w/The Couples
How Would U Feel (Stereo Anthem Mix) David Morales & Lea-Lorién Woody's - Loretta & Deb Kiss
Gato Mark Raa Ted Dreams of Brian
The Joint Is Jumpin'(Twisted Dee & Jayito Mix) D1 Music featuring Lisa Hunt Babylon - Hard Hero's Night
The Joint Is Jumpin'(Twisted Dee & Jayito Mix) D1 Music featuring Lisa Hunt End Credits

Episode 505

Song Artist Scene

Babylon - Justin & Em
The Lick Piliavin & Zimbardo Babylon VIP Lounge - Brian & Justin
Who's Ya Daddy? Gerling JR Gets Passed Between Parents
Awake The Unkind UNKLE Hunter Walking Into School
Toccata From Loen Boellmann's "Suite Gothique" Ted In The Dark @ Apt.
Police Dogs Bonfire Lazyboy Loft - Justin Likes Cooking/Brian Has Syphilis
Bitchsy Lesbians On Ecstasy Lesbian Bar - Ted & Em
Drumspeak Paranoid Jack Gym - Brian and Ben
Romantic Rights Death From Above 1979 Justin & Daphne Babysitt JR
Hold Your Head Up High(Jeff Poirier Mix) Inaya Day Babylon - Spread The News... Get Tested

Diner - Deb Lets Down Loretta
Get It Right Jere McAllister Woody's - Ted Looks Fabulous!
Tweakin Thick Dick Liberty Ave. - Michael Remembers
Want Jacknife Lee Loft - Justin Upset and Drawing
Want Jacknife Lee End Credits

Episode 506

Song Artist Scene
The Look (D. Ramirez Mix) Steve Angello Babylon - Ted gives his weekly fuck list / Who's That?
The Look (D. Ramirez Mix) Steve Angello Babylon Backroom - Brian Gets Rejected
Can't Stop This Feeling Saint Pete Gym - Ted Remembers Being The PRIDE Pitty-Fuck

Mall - Em Greets His Fans
More And More (Chus & Ceballos Mix) Astrid Suryanto & Dave Micalizzi Woody's - Brian and Justin / What's Your Problem?
Love Is All We Need (Hott 22 Remix) Richard Grey featuring Golden Touch Gym - Ted Hooks Up w/Troy
My Beautiful Friend Charlatans UK Restaurant Bathroom - Brian and New Guy/Brandon
Intravenus Spiral Atomic Cyanide Diner - Deb Takes Control
Satisfaction Benny Benassi Fucking Party - Brian Gets Left For A Better Offer
Misfit Elefant Comic Bookstore - Justin and Michael
Going Nowhere Cut Copy End Credits

Episode 507

Song Artist Scene
Touch It (Wally Lopez Weekend Mix) Holly James Babylon – Brian Scopes Out Babylon
Viens, Mallika...Dôme épais le jasmin' From the opera 'Lakmé' by Delibes Ted & Troy Fucking
Where Love Lives Fierce & Jez Gym – Brian, Ted & Em
Shatter The Lovely Marmoset Comic Bookstore – Justin & Michael
Ride of the Valkyries Wagner Ted & Troy Fucking / Brian and Em Tell Ted What To Do
The Love You Bring (Lee Cabrera Vocal Mix) Carl Kennedy Babylon – Brian, Ted & Em
Ride It (Hex Hector Mix) Geri Halliwell Babylon – Ted Dumps Troy
In It For The Money (Client vs. The Zip Remix) Client Babylon – Brian Kicks Out Brandon
Groove Me Fern Kinney Woody's – Brandon Confronts Brian – The Challenge Is On
You Are My Sunshine Stine J Brian & Justin Go Separate Ways
You Are My Sunshine Stine J End Credits

Episode 508

Song Artist Scene
Come Inside The Chemical Brothers Opening Scene - Brian and Brandon/The Fuckoff Begins
Sing Out Pete Lorimer Woody's - Brian and Brandon/Dick & Dick
Cause I Know Tyler Durden featuring Miss Bunty Woody's - Brian and Brandon - The Contest Continues
Signs Of Change Gasp Liberty Ave. - Ben Searches for Hunter
What's Your Name Darren Wilsey Diner - Em, Deb and Brian
Flashdance Deep Dish Woody's - Brian Is The Winner!
Drama (Dramatic Soul Mix) Soul Theory Babylon - Brian Lets Brandon Back In
Drama (Dramatic Soul Mix) Soul Theory End Credits

Episode 509

Song Artist Scene
Love Is For Hire The Telepathic Butterflies Diner - Brian and Mikey Still Aren't Speaking
Sender Pinback Justin's Loft - Justin and Jen

Brian's Loft - Brian and Deb
Blue Water Black Rock feat Debra Andrew Woody's - Gay Jewish Mixer
Kernraft 400 Zombie Nation Emmett & Drew - Get It On

Diner - Justin and Jen
Sacred Stones Sheila Chandra Babylon - Brian Dreams
Tunes Of Nirvana Dimas & Ferrero Babylon - Brian and Ted
Genius And Thieves Eluvium End Credits

Episode 510

Song Artist Scene
Falling Paper Moon Diner - Deb and Justin
So Many Times(Deep T. Sans Serif Mix) Gadjo feat Alexandra Prince Diner - Ted's Meet and Greet
One Day (Superstar) - (Robeter House Mix) Mach 747 (feat Andersen) Gym - Em and Brian
Lover I Don't Have to Love Bright Eyes Liberty Ave - Brian stares at Justin from his car

Diner - Ben and Michael

Babylon - Fundraiser
Shine (Babylon Mix) Cyndi Lauper Babylon - Cindi's Concert

Episode 511

Song Artist Scene

Funeral - Brian sees himself
We Drink On The Job Earlimart Justin's Loft - Brian & Justin
Lost Souls Forever Kasabian Justin's Loft - Brian Purposes... Justin says no

Diner - Mel, Lindsay and Justin
Street Survivor The Flaming Sideburns Brian & Justin drive out to the new home
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong Mogwai Brian & Justin Make Love
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong Mogwai End Credits

Episode 512

Song Artist Scene
I Only Want You Eagles Of Death Metal Brian's Loft - Brian & Justin's Fuck-a-Thon
Summer Moon African All Stars Woody's - Em, Ted and Tad meet up
Dance Me To The End of Love Madeleine Peyroux Restaurant - Ted & Tad love each other
Honestly, Trudy Femme Generation Comic Book Store - Brian and Mikey talk about their kids
All The Rest Are Boring The Local Division Justin's Loft - Justin and Lindsay talk about NYC and Art Review
Free (Jason Nevins Dub) Ultra Nate Popperz - Em & Drew / Ted & Tad
Just Nothing Dan Kircher Woody's - Em & Drew Say goodbye
This Mess We're In Radiohead featuring PJ Harvey Brian's Loft - Brian & Justin read art review
This Mess We're In Radiohead featuring PJ Harvey End Credits

Episode 513

Song Artist Scene
Sleep Dandy Warhols Opening / Brian & Justin prepare for their wedding.
Green Gold Spiritual South Gym - Emmett and Ted ~ Tad is too much!
Wetter Thick Dick Woody's - Brian's Stag Party
Half a Mile Away (Scotty K's Vocal Club Mix) Debby Holiday Woody's - Striper
The Californian Sunday's Best Diner - Deb tells all about press conf. - Ted repeats story to Emmett
Jazz Potato Mr. Scruff Wedding Rehearsal - Wedding is called off.
Cliche (Paul Graces Big Room Mix) Simone Denny Ski Lodge - Ted and Emmett - Blake is back!
Ambition Doves Brian & Justin's Loft - Together making love.
Proud 2005 (Peter Presta QAF Finale Mix) Heather Small Babylon - QAF Celebration!
Proud 2005 (Peter Presta QAF Finale Mix) Heather Small End Credits


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